Superscale 48-1145: P-51D Mustangs

Units: 23 and 15 FG




Scott Van Aken

A couple of more nice Mustangs. Again, they look awful familiar, but are most welcome, nonetheless. Both are Pacific/CBI aircraft that are unpainted metal  and though based thousands of miles apart, are basically in black and yellow markings.

First is the P-51D of Edward McComas who became ace in a day on December 23 1944 flying this 118 TRS/23 FG aircraft. As with most planes in China, it does away with the mast antenna for a short wire and a DF loop.

The other is the CO's plane of James Beckwith of the 47th FS/15th FG. "Squirt" and its compatriot on this sheet has as spinner that is mostly black with a yellow tip and backing.  This plane has dual IFF antennas on the spine so don't forget that small difference. These were usually varnished wood with the antenna wire inside, at least according to a recent book on these guys.

Markings for one with data for one and an excellent placement guide.

November 2006

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