Superscale 48-1139: F-18C/D Hornet

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a second sheet of Bomber Unit Thunderbolts. Designed for the Tamiya P-47s, I'm sure that a bit of trimming will allow these markings to be used on other kits. Apparently Bomber units used war weary fighters to help in getting formations in line before sending them off on their missions. These planes often had the guns removed and flew without pylons so a bit of filler will be needed for these.

First one is a P-47D-1 from the 44th BG. This aircraft is in OD/Neutral Grey with a white forward cowling and yellow prop hub with yellow canopy frame. Note that it has straight lower cowl flaps. Lower invasion stripes are provided, though you may want to paint those on.

The other is a P-47D-22 from the 458th BG, also in OD/Neutral Grey. This one has a yellow forward cowling with red prop hub. Both of these have the serial in a rather unusual location on the aft fuselage.

There is enough insignia and basic markings for one option.  Superscale provides a nicely detailed markings guide for these.

October 2006

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