Superscale 48-1129: P-51D Mustangs

Units: 41 FS and 362 FS




Scott Van Aken

Another fine sheet for unpainted metal Mustangs, this time with something a tad different. Again no kit is specified, but the Tamiya one is the darling of modelers and will be the one most used.

First up is a post war P-51 from the 41 FS/35 FS based in Japan in 1947. It has a black anti-glare panel and two wooden IFF antennas. The green and white stripes are provided though the modeler will have to paint the spinner to match. Nice to see a post war plane.

Second is yet another 357 FG aircraft. This 362 FS aircraft, 'Toolin Fool's Revenge' was flown by Otto Jenkins in 1944. The modeler will need to paint the red and yellow on the spinner for this one.

The sheet provides insignia and data for one aircraft and the instructions have an excellent data placement guide.

September 2006

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