Superscale 48-1127: EA-6B Prowler

Units: VAQ-142 and VAQ-130




Scott Van Aken

This second Prowler sheet covers two more TPS painted planes. The only kit around for this is the Monogram version and since it was an initial production type, there have been updates made that the modeler will have to research and take into consideration. Both of these are CAG birds so have more colorful than normal markings.

First is from VAQ-142. This aircraft has light blue markings. The modeler will need to paint the aft section of the wing tanks and the rudder in this shade.

The other is from VAQ-130 and is also a cag bird. No specialized painting required for this one. When this now old sailor entered the Navy, VAQ-130 was his first squadron, though at the time they were flying EKA-3B Skywarriors.

Common data and insignia for both aircraft are provided.

September 2006

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