Superscale 48-1126: EA-6B Prowler

Units: VAQ-138 and VMAQ-1




Scott Van Aken

Here are two nice schemes for your Monogram EA-6B Prowler. I'm sure that some updating will be needed as the Monogram kit was the basic variation and there have been a number of upgrades since then.  Both are in the tactical paint scheme of FS 36320 over 36375 with the cockpit area and fin tip in 36327.

First up is from VAQ-138 in 1998. Since this is the CAG bird, it has a nice fin marking that goes on a black rudder. Two of these per side are provided as yellow and white are a bit transparent. The cockpit area on this and the other plane are in black. A yellow lightning bolt adorns the forward fuselage section. The wing tip speedbrakes are insignia blue with yellow tips

The VMAQ-1 aircraft has the same basic paint scheme with its main markings in red. The upper fin radome is also painted gloss dark red to match the markings. These are June 2006 markings so about as current as you can get with a decal sheet.

Basic data markings are given for both aircraft.

August 2006

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