Superscale 48-1114: P-51D Mustangs

Units: 4th  and 370 FG




Scott Van Aken

Now for some D model Mustangs. The instructions recommend the Tamiya kit for these, but I'm sure that your Monogram, Hasegawa or even Hawk P-51Ds would appreciate a nice set of markings as well! Both of these planes are in unpainted metal and from 1945.

First is 'Vivacious Virgin', flown by Ian MacKenzie of the 402 FS/370 FG. This one has a Red and Blue nose with blue canopy frame and white fin cap. The anti-glare panel is in black. No kills, but a very ferocious looking sharkmouth and grey'd out fuselage insignia.

The other is Don Emerson's aircraft from the 336th FS/4th FG. His Donald Duck markings are in addition to the red nose/spinner and trip tab. This one carries not only the lower fuselage invasion markings, but his 7 victory markings. The black ID bands will have to be painted on along with the invasion stripes. Note that this one does not have the fin fillet.

Superscale has insignia for both planes and full data markings for one.

July 2006

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