Superscale 48-1113: P-51B Mustangs

Units: 4th FG




Scott Van Aken

Moving to the Mustangs, this sheet carries three P-51Bs with the Tamiya kit being the one of choice for Superscale. Of course, you can use the Monogram kit should you wish as these markings should fit. All of these aircraft have a red forward cowling and spinner with the usual ID bands on the wings and tail planes. There are enough insignia and data markings for one of the options.

First up is Duane Beeson's 'Bee' from the 334th FS during 1944. By this time his score had increased to 20 and are on his OD/Neutral Grey P-51B

Next is Don Gentile's famous 'Shangri La' from the 336 FS. His differs a bit from Beeson's in that the spinner tip is white. I've seen publicity shots of this plane with red wheels and since he pranged it, I'm going to assume that this was standard with this plane and perhaps others of the Group.

Finally  there is the unpainted 'Missouri Mauler' of Williard Millikan. His 336 FS Mustang carries his nose art and 14 victory markings. During D-Day, this plane was in full Invasion stripes should you wish to so paint it.

A full data placement guide is provided. I should mention that any wing stripes will have to be painted. The sheet supplies those for the stabs and fin.

July 2006

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