Superscale 48-1110: ES-3A Viking

Units: VQ-5




Scott Van Aken

This was a popular sheet so has been reprinted. It is for the AMT 1/48 ES-3A Sea Shadow, a kit that was not produced by ESCI so don't go looking for it in that box. Though it has been out of production for about a decade, it is still relatively easy to locate at swap meets and shows.

The aircraft is in overall 36375 with 36237 canopy trim and a 36251 dome antenna and black wingtip pods. The fin has to be painted yellow prior to the application of the fin decal. These markings are for the last ES-3A, an aircraft that was operational only for about 8 years before the program was cancelled due to lack of enemies.

There is an addendum sheet not shown to replace the filled in insignia shown on the regular sheet.

July 2006

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