Superscale 48-1107: P-51D Mustangs

Units: 353 & 357 FG




Scott Van Aken

Here we have the aircraft of two group commanders from late 1945. Both are in unpainted metal with olive drab anti-glare panels. The markings are designed to fit the Tamiya kit but should fit others with a bit of adjustment to the nose markings.

First up is John Storch's 'The Shillelagh' when he was CO of the 357 FG. In addition to the red/yellow spinner, this one has a yellow rudder. Squadron codes are repeated under the left wing.

The other is 'Dove of Peace' the aircraft of Glen Duncan when CO of the 353 FG. His aircraft also has a yellow rudder with the spinner in yellow and black bands. His aircraft has the black bands on the wings and stabilizers.

Insignia and stencils are provided for one aircraft along with a comprehensive stencil placement guide.

June 2006

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