Superscale 48-1105:P-47D Thunderbolt

Units: 368 FG




Scott Van Aken

This is one of those nice one-aircraft sheets and is for 'Kwitcher Bitchin' from the 397 FS/368 FG. The aircraft is a P-47D-27 and uses a Curtiss Electric 13' Symmetrical prop. The aircraft has a  yellow fin tip and Insignia blue cowling front, which will have to be painted along with the under wing D-Day stripes. The lower fuselage D-day stripes are included as are the fin and tail plane stripes.

Superscale recommends the Tamiya kit and that is what the decals have been designed to fit. You can use others, but the markings may need some adjusting. Full insignia and stencils along with an excellent stencil guide.

June 2006

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