Superscale 48-1102: EA-6B Prowler

Units: VAQ-139




Scott Van Aken

This sheet has two aircraft from VAQ-139 and both are CAG birds. These are in the standard TPS colors of FS 36320 over 36375 with 35237 painted around the cockpit. There is no date given for these markings and they are not the same plane so I can assume there is some time between them.

The first one has a complete insignia blue tail (see photo). Both aircraft have insignia blue intake lips and other warning markings. The second has a much larger and nicely done Cougar for the fin. The only kit around is the Monogram version and that will need to be updated with one of the many aftermarket sets to meet the ICAP III standards of these planes.

If you have the space, you can do both options with what is provided on the sheet.

June 2006

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