Superscale 48-1091: P-47M Thunderbolt

Units: 56 FG




Scott Van Aken

Here is another in a long line of Thunderbolt sheets, this one for the P-47M of the 56 FG, and specifically for the 63rd FS. Both of these planes are in Insignia Blue with the lighter shade possibly Azure Blue, though there is some debate about this. The underside of the aircraft, the upper leading edges of the wings and tail planes as well as the windscree/canopy frame are all in unpainted metal. Nose cowling has the front half in Red with the Rudder in a Medium Blue to match the serial. Both aircraft have a Curtiss-Electric 13' symmetrical prop.

UN*M is 'Dottie Dee' as piloted by Charles McBath, who provided reference material for this plane.

The other is UN*A, 'Miss June' as piloted by Eugene Andermatt. This aircraft has nice nose art and shot down an Me-262 in the closing weeks of the war.

The sheet is designed for the Tamiya kit and provides insignia and data for one aircraft., though to be honest, most of the data will have been over-painted on the upper surface which is probably why no data placement guide is given.

April 2006

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