Superscale 48-1090: A-36A Mustang

Units: 27 FBG




Scott Van Aken

Moving on to another of the Allison Mustangs, here is a nice sheet on the A-36A. Just for your reference, the A-36A was never called the Invader by the company or anyone who flew it. It was always a Mustang. This is one of those urban legend sort of things that has been carried down through the years without any real challenge. There are three aircraft on this sheet, all of them in Olive Drab over Neutral Grey and with a red spinner. The red spinner was a Mediterranean Theater ID marking for Allied aircraft.

First up is 'Dorothy Helen' of the 524 FBS/27 FBG in Sicily during 1943. It has a yellow gas patch on fuselage.

Next is 'Pat' from the 362nd FBS in Italy during 1943. Like the previous aircraft, this one has a yellow band around both wings.

Finally, an unknown plane from the 524 FBS. This one also has a gas patch and an impressive row of mission markings. It also has faded insignia so you need to really weather this one. No wing stripes.

Insignia are provided for all three planes and wing stripes for one. The recommended kit is by Accurate Miniatures.

April 2006

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