Superscale 48-1085: OV-1 Mohawks

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Scott Van Aken

To my knowledge, this is the first sheet for the Roden 1/48 OV-1 Mohawk. There are three aircraft on this sheet and it appears that there are enough markings to do all three options should you so wish.

First up is an overall FS 36320 grey OV-1D from the 504th MIBDE/15th MIBN. This very much appears to be a farewell scheme as there are all sorts of special markings on this one

Next, in a nice Olive Drab is an OV-1C from the 131 SAC when based at Phu Bai in Vietnam during 1966. This one has a nice eagle motif on the fin.

Finally, another OV-1C from the 1 ID at Phu Loi, also in Vietnam during 1967. This one is also in OD and carries a nice shark mouth. I would imagine that the OD paint on this and the previous aircraft is faded and probably somewhat patched in appearance.

Any of these three schemes should look great on your next OV-1 model.

March 2006

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