Superscale 48-1084: F-16C Falcons

Units: 138 FS and 186 FS




Scott Van Aken

Here are two more very nice boss birds from the Air National Guard. For this particular sheet, the recommended kit is the Hasegawa version of the F-16C, though if you have another, these markings will probably work just fine on it.

First up is the 186 FS/120 FW boss bird. This one is in the standard paint scheme of FS 36118, 36320 over 36375 with a FS 36251 radome. This is a GE powered plane with the large intake.

In the simplified scheme of FS 36118 over 36270 is the wing commander's plane of the 138 FS/174 FW. This is a small intake GE powered plane and has several patches of fresh FS 36118 paint on the upper surfaces as well as a rather unusual forward demarcation line.

The instructions will spell out these differences and provide a full set of insignia for both and stencils for one of the two options.

March 2006

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