Superscale 48-1080: P-47D-30

Units: 406 FG




Scott Van Aken

Thunderbolts of the late war period have generally been pretty colorful. No need for camo when you have attained air superiority. This P-47D-30 of Major Howard Park from the 513th FS is one of the more often modeled versions, thanks to all the color involved. This particular sheet is scaled for the Tamiya Thunderbolt and it carried the rocket rails for the 5 inch HVAR rockets used in the latter part of the war. The sheet contains most of the red markings aside from those on the very front of the cowling where decals don't do justice. The builder will have to paint the Invasion Stripes on the underside of the wing as well, but everything else is there, including a full stencil suite and a superb placement guide.

March 2006

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