Superscale 48-1077; A-7E Corsair II

Units: VA-27 and VA-72




Scott Van Aken

The last of the Navy's dedicated light attack aircraft was the A-7 Corsair II. Though able to carry a load greater than the B-17 or B-24 of WWII, it was still categorized as a light bomber! First seeing action in Vietnam, the A-7's swan song was during Desert Storm in 1991. The aircraft was exported to Portugal, Greece and Thailand, where it may still be flying.

This particular sheet has two aircraft from the low-viz period of its service.

First is from VA-27 which was aboard the USS Carl Vinson at the time. It is in the early LV scheme of FS 36320 on most of the fuselage and FS 36375 everywhere else. Because of the complexity of the upper fin antenna, the darker grey in this spot will need to be painted.

The other is from the recent 1/32 sheet and is the CO's plane from VA-72, one of the last two operational units. This one has more color to it and the modeler will have to paint the fin tip to match the rudder checks. This is in a faded FS 36320 overall.

The sheet includes insignia and basic data for both aircraft. The recommended kit is from Hasegawa, which has also been reboxed by Revell.

March 2006

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