Superscale 48-1064: P-51B Mustangs

Units: 357 FG




Scott Van Aken

Do you like Mustangs? Well I do and so do a lot of others. This is the first of four new sheets that cover the Mustangs of the 357 FG. On this sheet are two P-51Bs and the Tamiya kit is the one suggested. Naturally, one can also use the Monogram kit if you wish, though the stripes may not fit quite as well. Both these planes are in OD over neutral grey. Both of these aircraft have been featured on previous sheets.

First up is 'Berlin Express', piloted by William Overstreet of the 363 FS. It carries Invasion Stripes on the lower fuselage and his kill markings under the canopy.

The other is Gilbert O'Brien's 'Shanty Irish', also with Invasion stripes on the lower fuselage and lower wings. This carries his score and a mission tally on the upper cowling.

Enough insignia and data markings are included to do one of the two schemes.

December 2005

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