Superscale 48-1063: F-15C/E Eagles

Units: 11th AF and 114 FS




Scott Van Aken

Has been a while since an Eagle sheet has appeared and this one is a nice choice. Frankly, F-15 decals don't usually sell that well so it is hoped this one will do well. There are two different types on this sheet. For the F-15C,the Hasegawa kit is suggested though there are others which one can use. For the F-15E, the only real F-15E in this scale is the Revell kit. The others are just warmed over F-15B/D kits and not accurate for the Strike Eagle unless you want to do the prototype.

The F-15E is from the 11th AF in Alaska and has the badges of all the units on the intake sides as well as a nice colorful fin stripe.

The F-15C is from the 114 FS, Oregon ANG and is in the markings of the 173 FW boss bird. This aircraft is apparently a victor in air to air combat as it carries a kill marking from Desert Storm on the nose of the plane.

Insignia and common data markings are provided for both subjects and there is an excellent placement guide included in the sheet instructions.

December 2005

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