Superscale 48-1054: S-3B Viking

Units: VS-30




Scott Van Aken

I have to tell you that I never thought I'd see a shark-mouthed S-3 Viking. Yet here one is. This is the CAG bird from VS-30 and in its retirement scheme undoubtedly as the Viking community is getting pretty thin these days. This one is in overall FS36320, which makes painting easy. The wing tips and canopy surround are in black and the rudder/fin tip are in red. Superscale provides what seem to be double rudder markings to help cover the red paint as it is a pretty intense shade.

For kits, you have ESCI/AMT/Italeri's offering. All are the exact same kit and all are S-3As so you'll need to do a small amount of additional work to add the S-3B external clues.

Actual stencil markings on these aircraft are somewhat minimal, but you get all that is needed on the sheet as well as a proper stencil guide.

November 2005

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