Superscale 48-1051: 'Lost Squadron' TBM-1C Avengers

Units: Flight 19




Scott Van Aken

I have always wondered why no one did a sheet of these aircraft. They are famous to the point of being featured in movies and books of all sorts. Perhaps it was just that one really knew what the full markings were on these planes or that they didn't think there was enough interest.

Whatever the reason, we now have a sheet with all five aircraft on it. All are painted in the overall gloss sea blue scheme that was in use in 1945 when they were lost over the Burmuda Triangle. All are TBM-1Cs except for one that was a -3 version. The Accurate Miniatures kit is the one recommended as it is the finest out there in this scale.

A listing is provided for each aircraft that includes the aircraft, serial, codes, and the crew; a mixture of Navy and Marine active duty and reserve airmen.

The sheet has insignia and data for one plane, but you can always use the kit decals if you wish to do more than one aircraft. In fact, I'd bet that somewhere in the US, there will be a modeler who will do the entire flight and enter it in the 'collections' section of the IPMS/US Nationals!

November 2005

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