Superscale 48-104: Camouflage Insignia #1

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Long out of production


Scott Van Aken


Back in the late 1970s, the USAF and other services were deciding that high color markings on an aircraft were not what was wanted so embarked upon spending our tax money on coming up with something different.

This resulted not only in the now-familiar grey paint schemes, but a rather wide variety of different insignia before something was decided upon.

This sheet has insignia that were used on F-16 and F-5E aircraft (according to the instruction sheet).

There are four styles:

Style A was FS 36118 and 36320 for the upper wing and fuselage of the F-16

Style B was 36375 and 36118 for the F-16 lower wing.

Style C was 36231 and 36440 for the F-5E

Style D was 36118 and 36321, also for the F-5E.

These came in 10, 15, 20, and 25 inch sizes. I'm sure these would fit other aircraft as appropriate.

July 2007

Thanks to me and the dwindling decal dungeon for this one.

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