Superscale 48-1036: F-16A/C Falcons

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Scott Van Aken

Some nice new 1/48 options on this sheet. There are two F-16s in the older three color camouflage schemes. The Hasegawa kits are the ones you want for this one, though others will probably work.

First up is an F-16A of the 114 TFTS. This unit eventually became the schoolhouse for the F-16A ADF and this plane was eventually updated to that spec. Only problem is that 82-1027 is an F-16B and not an A. Take a peek at the photo I took of this plane in 1993 and you'll see what I mean. B model ADFs didn't have the bulged lower fin as there was room in the airframe for the hydraulic accumulator (at least, I think that what was moved there). and it didn't have to be moved. You will have to scrounge serials from some other source for this one or use it on one of the increasingly rare F-16B kits. Interestingly, no fuselage insignia are supplied though there is a space for them on the sheet.

The other is from the 175 FS, South Dakota ANG. This one has been on a sheet sometime in the past before, but is still a very nice set of markings for the F-16C.

Some base data for both, full data for one with an excellent placement guide.

September  2005

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