Superscale 48-1029: F-16 Falcons

Units: 179 FS & 526 TFS




Scott Van Aken


Two very nice F-16s on this sheet, both aircraft that are no longer in service or with units that do not exist any more. The majority of modelers will go with the various Hasegawa kits for this set, though there are other 1/48 F-16s out there that will work as well. Both aircraft are in the older three-greys scheme.

First up is a specially marked F-16C-30 from the 526 TFS/86 TFW, a unit no longer in existence following the military draw down after Desert Storm.

The other is an F-16A/ADF from the 179 FS at Duluth, Minnesota in 50th anniversary markings. This aircraft has the fin and ventral fin in very dark blue with gold trim. For the ADF variant, you'll need either a conversion set for the Hasegawa F-16A or the Revell F-16A/ADF kit

There are sufficient insignia and stencils to allow both aircraft to be built from this sheet.

August  2005

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