Superscale 48-1025: P-40N Warhawk

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Scott Van Aken

For the second new P-40N sheet, we have a couple of planes from the CBI theater. These are both in OD over Neutral Grey as well. Again, the decals are scaled to fit the Hasegawa P-40N, though I'm sure they will work on the Mauve or AMT kit without too much fuss.

First up is a nice skull-nosed aircraft from the 90 FS/80 FG based in India during 1944. This plane has a medium blue spinner.

The other is from the 25 FS/51 FG based in China during 1944. This one has a spinner in OD, white and red. It also sports a loop antenna as did most China based aircraft. Your editor did these markings (from another company) on a Mauve P-40N and the results were quite pleasing.

The sheet includes data for both and insignia for one aircraft as well as bomb markings.

August  2005

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