Superscale 48-1024: P-40N Warhawk

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Scott Van Aken

The newly released Hasegawa P-40N has started an influx of new sheets for this aircraft and here is the first one from Superscale. There are two aircraft on this sheet; both of them in OD over Neutral Grey.

The first aircraft includes the markings we first saw on the Mauve 1/48 P-40N and were disappointed that they were basically unusable. Not so the case with these decals so we can build one of the gaudiest P-40s ever flown. This aircraft was from a training unit out of Napier Field, Alabama in 1943. This aircraft has medium green blotches along the edge of the flying surfaces.

The other is from the 7 FS/49 FG in New Guine during 1943. It was flown by Nathaniel Blanton and has the white tail surface with white leading edges to the wings, and a blue/white spinner. Tom Cleaver mentioned in his P-40N article that often the upper surfaces of the tail planes were left in O.D. so check references on this one.

As with all the other P-40 Sheets, there is full stenciling for both and a selection of bomb markings.

August  2005

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