Superscale 48-1018: P-38F/J Lightning

Units: 475 FG




Scott Van Aken

Though I believe these may both be 'repeats' from earlier sheets, it is still nice to have some P-38 decals. Both are from the 475th FG and the decals are matched to different kits. The P-38F is matched to the Hasegawa kit while the J is matched to the Academy version. Most unusual. I do believe that just about any appropriate P-38 in 1/48 could be used, even the ancient Monogram version.

The P-38F is 'the flying dutchman' for the 39th FS in 1943 and may be based on Guadalcanal. It is in OD over Neutral Grey with medium blue upper and lower fin tips. Applying the sharkmouth will take some setting solution and you'll have to paint the center portion red.

The other is 'St Louis Blues' from the 433rd FS when the unit was based in the Philippines in late 1944. It is overall unpainted metal with blue spinner tips, and boom bands.

There are data markings for one and insignia for both. The OD aircraft will actually have few of these markings on it.

July 2005

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