Superscale 48-1017: F-16C Falcons

Units: 8th and 132nd FW




Scott Van Aken

Got a pile of 1/48 F-16Cs laying about without a decent set of markings? Well here is a nice sheet for a big mouth and small mouth F-16C. Both are in the simplified scheme of FS 36118 over 36270 and there seems to be enough insignia and data markings for both aircraft and one set of drop tanks.

First up is the F-16C-40 'big mouth' aircraft for the commander of the 8th FW. This one has the General Electric engine.

The other is an F-16C-42 'small mouth'. It is flown by the commander of the 132 FW at Des Moines, IA and has a Pratt & Whitney engine.

Both have really neat fin markings and should make for a nice model when done. I should point out that all of Superscale's drawings for the F-16 are to be used for placement only as they show the very early F-16-5/10 horizontal stabilizers!

July 2005

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