Superscale 48-1014: F-16A/C Falcon

Units: 150 and 482 FW




Scott Van Aken

The F-16 is always a favorite and this sheet covers two different variants. Most modelers will go for the Hasegawa kits as they are the easiest to find.

First up is the boss bird for the 188 FS/150 FW of the New Mexico ANG. This is in the simplified scheme of FS36118 over 36270. This -30 variant has the GE burner can.

The second is a set of markings I've seen before on a Superscale sheet and is the commander's plane from the 93 FS/432 FW, USAF Reserves in Florida. This -15 variant is in the older three grey scheme of FS 36118/36270/36375.

The sheet seems to have enough insignia and data markings for two planes. The earlier version would have a more complete data stencil suite. An excellent placement guide is provided in the instructions.

June 2005

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