Superscale 48-1012: RA-5C Vigilante

Units: RVAH-5




Scott Van Aken

Continuing with nice new RA-5C sheets for the Trumpeter RA-5C, this sheet contains two sets of Markings for RVAH-5. Both planes are the newer 156xxx builds and are in light gull grey over white with metallic leading edges to the wings. The sheet has enough insignia and data markings for one aircraft.

The first option is for a  USS Ranger based aircraft from 1972.

The second is for a similar aircraft with the tail codes used when the aircraft was home based. While the instructions say North Island basing, I'm thinking that by this time, all the Vigilantes were at Key West, so perhaps North Island is where the plane was photographed.

I'm not sure why there are a set of insignia without the white. Perhaps it is just a printing glitch.

June 2005

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