Superscale 48-1006: A-1 Skyraider

Units: VA-65 & VA-145




Scott Van Aken

Nice to see another sheet for the Skyraider. I seem to recall these markings being on a 1/72 sheet from way back when so it is nice to see them in this scale as well. The markings have been scaled for the Tamiya Skyraider kit, but there is no reason why they wouldn't fit the other 1/48 kits from Monogram or ESCI, though some fudging may be needed to get them to fit properly. Common markings are provided for one aircraft with split fuselage insignia given to go around the speed brake. Looks like someone missed the bars in the solid fuselage insignia so if using those, you'll have to dig into the spares bin for replacements.

Both aircraft are in the light gull grey and white scheme that came into use in the mid 1950s, replacing the overall gloss sea blue scheme.

First up is the VA-145 'Swordsman' aircraft from the USS Hornet in 1958.

The other options is from VA-65  aboard the USS Shangri-La in 1957.

Both options will need to have the wing walk areas painted on them and be sure to add plenty of exhaust staining!

May 2005

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