Superscale 48-1005: RA-5C Vigilante

Units: RVAH-14




Scott Van Aken

The second new RA-5C sheet is for an aircraft from RVAH-14 aboard the USS Independence in 1974, one of the last cruises for the RA-5C prior to its retirement a year or so later. To my mind, this is one of the more fetching schemes carried by the Vigilante with the eagle's head on the forward fuselage.

This aircraft is one of the original builds and so the modeler will have to trim back the wing strake. The instructions show what needs to be removed in order to accomplish this. A rather complete stencil set is includes as well as a well done placement guide. Wing insignia are provided in sections for use if the modeler decides to fold the wings.

May 2005

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