Superscale 48-1002: A-1H Skyraider

Units: VA 85 & VA-145


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

This sheet covers two light gull grey over white A-1 Skyraiders. The sheet has been scaled to fit the Tamiya kit, but should also fit the Monogram kit without too much trouble.

The first aircraft is from VA-145. This A-1H has a nice green fuselage stripe with the unit insignia over it. The fit tip needs to be painted green to match.

The other option is for an AD-6 from the USS Forrestal in 1959. It also has nice green markings on the rudder and the fin tip will need painted on this one as well.

Superscale provides split insignia for the fuselage side in case you wish to model this plane with the speed brakes not fully closed. Another nice touch is the addition of front propeller warning stripes. Saves having to mask them off.

May 2005

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