Superscale 48-1001: P-40E Warhawks

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Scott Van Aken

Here are a couple of favorites brought up to 1/48 scale. These have been scaled for the new Hasegawa P-40E, but there is no reason why they wouldn't fit the other P-40s out there by AMtech, Otaki and Revell, though a bit of adjustment may need to be made.

First up is the popular tiger of John Chennault, the CO of the 343rd FG based in the Aleutians in 1942. This aircraft is OD over Neutral Grey with a yellow spinner. Superscale shows the insignia as being without the blue background for all four positions. I don't think this is correct and I'd replace these with standard insignia. Same goes for the U.S. Army as I believe this was insignia blue on camouflaged aircraft.

The other is Richard Cresswell's plane when he was flying this plane out of New Guinea in 1942. This one is is in Dark Earth/Foliage Green over Sky with a Light Blue and White spinner, making for a rather colorful aircraft.

Not only do you get data markings for both, but a nice selection of bomb markings as well.

May 2005

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