Superscale 48-069: A-10 TAC

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Long out of production


Scott Van Aken

This is another ancient Superscale/Microscale sheet that has markings for at least 13 A-10s, including four pre-production versions. This includes aircraft from the 'JAWS' tests and the initial units, the 354 and 355 TFW.

It includes 31665 in overall FS 37038 and then mottled in FS 37575 (the instructions are VERY hard to read so I may have messed up on some of the FS 595 numbers). 31666 is in overall FS 36320;   31667 is in a 40% mask 10A (tannish grey), 31668 and 31669 are in a 40%, 50%, and 60 % grey asymmetrical scheme, though with different densities in different locations. All those preproduction aircraft have small nose art.

Then there are those in overall FS 36375 and those in various two color asymmetrical grey schemes. These are followed by two of the JAWS schemes with spotches in greens, browns and tans.

There are lots of unit badges and codes and insignia with spare code numbers for other planes you might wish to do. Data and refueling door marks for four aircraft.

It is almost a shame that this sheet hasn't been modernized with decent drawings as it does make some most interesting camouflage schemes for early A-10s.

Here are some images of aircraft on the sheet:

  73-1666  (overall FS 36320) 73-1668 (asymmetrical four greys) 73-1669  (asymmetrical four greys) 75-0258 (JAWS scheme) 75-0259 ( FS 36375 overall)  75-0262  (two greys, one a brownish grey)

 April 2007

Thanks to me for the review sheet

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