Superscale 32-237: F-15C Eagle

Units: 114 FS




Scott Van Aken

Let's be honest. F-15s generally do not stir the blood of most aircraft modelers. This is especially true of US versions. I'm not sure just why that is, but it is for that reason that you don't see a ton of decals for them. Every once in a while you do see some interesting markings on an Eagle and the 114 FS, an ANG training outfit at Klamath Falls, OR has what are probably the best around. The tail markings are a carryover from their F-4C and F-16A/ADF aircraft and are particularly suited for the F-15.

Superscale has provided the wing commander's plane on this particular sheet. It appears to be in the Mod Eagle scheme of FS 36251 and FS 36176. There are a goodly number of stencils and walkway markings included on the sheet. For kits in this scale it is again Tamiya and Revell that offer F-15s, though most will want the newer and more accurate and more expensive Tamiya kit.

March 2006

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