Superscale 32-232: A-7E Corsair II

Units: VA-87




Scott Van Aken

This is the first upscaled sheet I've seen for the new Trumpeter 1/32 A-7E. It is the CAG bird from VA-87 and as with all navy planes of this time, it was painted in the Light Gull Grey over White scheme. The sheet includes the black fuselage walk ways and nose anti-glare panel as decals. The builder will have to paint the walk way for the stabilizers and the upper orange fin band. The sheet does include the black stripe borders for this upper band. Trying to develop a decal to fit over the fin antenna is an impossible task which is why one has to paint it. There is no room for insignia or other common markings on the sheet so those items will have to be gleaned from the kit's decal sheet. Overall, a super sheet that it bound to be popular.

January 2006

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