Superscale 32-223: F-16C-50 Falcons

Units: 52 FW




Scott Van Aken

The second big A-4E sheet is for the CAG bird of VA-152. Like the previous one, this is for the big Hasegawa kit. Also like the previous one, the intakes need to be painted red. This one is a bit different in what it offers, as the markings for the aircraft are rather large in this scale. As such, there is no room on the sheet for an anti-glare panel decal or even for insignia. The builder will have to use the kit insignia or get them from some other source. What are included is a tail hook stripe decal and markings for the drop tank.

An interesting snippet of information is that this aircraft is next in line, serial number-wise, from the previous sheet. Also note that this E model has the upper fuselage avionics pack.

September 2005

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