Superscale 32-224: A-4E Skyhawk

Units: VA-212




Scott Van Aken

The Hasegawa 1/32 A-4E has always been a popular kit and even more so nowadays with the increased interest in 1/32 kits. This particular sheet is for a VA-212 aircraft and includes a nose anti glare panel decal. The builder will have to paint the red intake area, but on models of this size, that is probably the best way to go. One thing that I thought may be a bit off is that the serial is missing one of the zeros; it should be 150000. However, I've seen glitches like this on real aircraft so it is quite possible that this is how the plane was when photographed.

There are sufficient stencils and insignia on the sheet to do the one aircraft. A well done stencil guide is provided. Please note that there is no upper fuselage avionics pack on this aircraft.

September 2005

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