Superscale 32-214: TBM-3 Avenger

Units: VT-85 & VC-97


$8.00 when new


Scott Van Aken

With the recent release of the Trumpeter 1/32 Avenger, it was inevitable that we'd see some markings sheets for it. Since Superscale generally has the shortest time between decal design and printing, it is no surprise that they'd hit the market first. These markings were done on other 1/48 sheets so the artwork was ready to go.

First up is is an aircraft from the USS Massar Strait's VC-97 in Feb of 1945. This aircraft is in the tri-color scheme as painted on early TBM-3s.

The other option is from VT-85 aboard USS Shangri-La in 1945. This later build TBM-3 is in the painter-friendly scheme of overall sea blue. It uses the geometric designs that were common in early 1945; in this case lightninig bolts on the fin and wings.

Superscale has provided insignia for one aircraft (which are huge!).

 April 2005

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