Superscale 32-206: A-4F Skyhawk

Units: VA-23




Scott Van Aken

Always nice to see another Skyhawk sheet. This time, one of the more recent 1/48 sheets has been upsized to 1/32 for us. Of course, the only kit in this scale is the still nice, though old Hasegawa version. It has been a steady seller for decades and even your editor built one back in the distant past. Liked it too as it is big, but not too big.

In its Light Gull Grey and White livery, this VA-23 aircraft is a CAG bird (natch) and from the USS Ticoderoga, a 27 Charlie carrier, during the Vietnam war period. The decal sheet provides all the markings you'll need and they veritably fill the sheet.

Here are some reference photos that I supplied Superscale's researcher after they made some glitches on the 1/48 sheet. You'll notice two differences. One is that they have added the colored rib markings and the other is that they've made the fin tip decal orange. They also changed the fuel tank marking from green to black. So you see, they do listen to inputs; especially when they have photos to work from.

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