Superscale 32-205: F-16A Falcon

Units: 93 FS/482 FW




Scott Van Aken

Now one doesn't see sheets for a 1/32 F-16 very often. To my knowledge, there are not may done and the only one that really pops to mind are the Hasegawa and Revell kits; both of which are a bit long in the tooth. This aircraft is the Boss Bird of the 482 FW that is based in Homestead, Florida. It appears to be in the simplified scheme of FS 36118 over FS 36270. By now, this plane will have been in the boneyard for a while as all 'A' model F-16s have been retired from service (other than those with the Ariz ANG as they train foreign pilots who still fly this version), though it may well be refurbished for overseas sales.

As with nearly all Superscale sheets, this one provides full stencil markings and an excellent placement guide.

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