Superscale 32-204: P-51D Mustangs

Units: 357 FG




Scott Van Aken

The 357 FG is probably one of the most famous 8th AF fighter units of WWII. They had colorful aircraft and equally colorful pilots to go with them. This sheet contains markings for two of those planes. Both are P-51Ds and both are in the Olive Drab over Neutral Grey color scheme. There are enough common markings for one aircraft. For kits, you basically have the old Monogram/Revell version and the newer but still a bit old Hasegawa kit. I've probably forgotten someone's kit, but regardless, these markings should fit.

First is 'Passion Wagon' of Lt Roberson with the 362nd FS. This is an early P-51D without the fin fillet. Removing it, filling the hole and rescribing the tail section is a pretty easy task to accomplish.

The other is Lt. Fricker's 'Ol Flak Joe' of the 363rd FS. This aircraft has a red rudder to add to the nose colors.

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