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Superscale 32-038 for 1/32 A-4E Skyhawks




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One of the longest serving naval aircraft is the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. First seeing service in the late 1950 and just being retired from the USN in 1999, it will go down in the history books as a real favorite aircraft. Though out of US service, the later models are still being used in South America, the Far East and the Mid East.

Their baptism of fire came in Vietnam where they were used with great effect. The small and maneuverable 'Scooter' was able to carry an impressive load, albeit not very far, and could take a fair amount of damage before it quit flying. Undoubtedly most of the Scooter flying in that was was done by the Marines as they were flying from their forward  base at Chu Lai, attacking Viet Cong positions in country.

It is from those Marine units that this Microscale (later Superscale) sheet was dedicated. Most of the subjects on this sheet were also available in 1/72 and 1/48, though all of these sheets has been long out of production.

Three different units are represented on this sheet, all of them in gull grey over white. The instructions call for the gull grey to be matte, but they were originally painted in gloss and weathered with time.

First is VMA-211. It has red nose stripes, a leaping wolf on the side and red stripes on the rudder. You will have to paint the red rudder stripes yourself.

Next is the VMA-311. with the large unit insignia on the side showing a tomcat riding a rocket over a heart. This aircraft has red and yellow rudder stripes which you also need to paint. These first two units currently fly AV-8B Harriers.

Finally is VMA-121, the 'Green Knights'. The unit insignia is also emblazoned on the fuselage side. This one has green and white tail stripes which, again, you need to paint.

You are given enough general markings to do all three aircraft, though the national insignia will have to come from another source. You will notice the Japanese written above the rescue arrows as these aircraft all deployed to Iwakuni from their home base in Yuma, Az. 

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