Superscale 32-037: A-4E/F Skyhawk

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Scott Van Aken


One of the best early 1/32 kits around has to be Hasegawa's Skyhawk. Not only did they do this one as an E/F version, but they also did a TA-4F/J. Thirty years later (2003), we are still waiting for a decent two-seater in 1/48! This particular sheet has three very interesting schemes that were taken from several of their 1/48 sheets.

First up is a VA-22 A-4F. The fin tip and rudder spines will need to be painted blue. Actually the fuselage band provided isn't exactly the right shade of blue either, being more of a blue-grey than what is really needed.

Next is an aggressor plane from VF-43. It is in experimental camouflage of light grey (probably light gull grey), light blue and dark grey. This is wrapped around the fuselage, but the wings and tailplanes remain white on the underside.

Finally, from VA-192 is the CAG bird. True to early Microscale sheets, the multiple colors and fin tip will have to be painted. Your editor did his one and only 1/32 Skyhawk back in the mid 1980s using this scheme. Made a real mess of the rudder colors too!

Naturally, the insignia will have to come from the kit or some other source. The instructions on this one are rather poor. You see, when the Kraesel brothers split up and Superscale took over all the Microscale aircraft decals, they just photocopied the Microscale instructions, making them very difficult to read!

Review copy courtesy of my ever growing decal pile!

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