Superscale MS320263: P-61B Black Widows
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Scott Van Aken

For their second big scale Black Widow sheet, this one has a European flavor and provides markings for aircraft from three different units.

 The first aircraft is 'First Nighter' from the 414th NFS based in Italy. This aircraft is a P-61B-15 and does not have an upper turret. It also has mission markings. It is credited with two locomotives and 23 freight cars.

Next is 'Little Audrey' from the 422 NFS based in France during 1944. This aircraft is a P-61B-15 variant.

The third option is a P-61B-15 based on Morotai in 1945. This 418NFS aircraft is named 'Black Panther and carries an insignia blue tail band with a moon and star on it. Unusually, the serial number is in white.

The decals are very nicely done and offer insignia and prop markings for one aircraft. All of the other markings will need to come from the kit decal sheet. These decals are superbly printed by Cartograf so you know you are getting the best. The full color instruction sheet shows just where all the markings are to be placed.

August 2013

Review copy courtesy of Squadron Products. Get yours at your local shop or on-line retailer. 

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