Superscale 320258: P-51D Mustang
Units: 487 FS/352 FG & 402 FS/370 FG


$12.00 SRP


Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Superscale is another very nice Mustang sheet. Both aircraft are  overall unpainted metal with black anti-glare panels. Both are later war planes so do not carry the black ID bands.

First up is 'Moonbeam McSwine', the mount of Capt W. Whisner of the 487 FS/352 FG. This aircraft carries the dark blue nose and rudder markings typical of this unit. Since there is no ready to go paint for this blue (and the shade was not the same for all planes), a mixture table is given using Model Master paints. Note the lighter shade of blue under the word 'Moonbeam'. Photo at the bottom of the article. The 487th was another war-time only unit. It formed in Sept 1942 with P-47s, which it flew when it transferred to the UK in July 1943. In July 1944 it got the Mustang and was deactivated, never to appear again, shortly after the end of the war.

The other is Lt. I. MacKenzie's 'Vivacious Virgin III' with the 402 FS/370 FG. This shark mouthed Mustang has a dark blue canopy frame and aft section of the spinner. The spinner tip is in red with the fin tip in white. This aircraft has the greyed out fuselage insignia. The 402nd is one of those units that was in existence for a very short period of time, forming with P-47s in mid-1943, converting to P-38s when arriving in the UK in early 1944, and converting to the Mustang in early 1945. The squadron was disbanded after the war and never reappeared.

The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and provide insignia and basic data for one aircraft. A very nice pair of P-51s for you to choose from.

January 2012

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