Superscale MS320255: T-33 Shooting Stars

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Scott Van Aken

Here is the first sheet I've seen for the new Czech Model 1/32 T-33 and it contains two very well thought out markings.

The first one is a very nice white over ADC Grey T-33 used by the 48 FIS to help exercise its F-106s and later F-15s. Like the rest of the FIS units, it was gone shortly after the cold war ended. This particular aircraft is a rather high time airframe with over 7,200 flight hours by 1982. The photo included was taken in 1985, by which time even more hours had been added. Not bad for a FY 1952 aircraft. Note on the photo that the upper anti-collision light is rather prominent. This aircraft also has a small UHF antenna on the nose and it seems there is one on the underside as well, aft of the wings. Perhaps for a TACAN set. Note also that the nose wheel and gear are white. Perhaps this is the same for the wells and main gear.

The other option is one of the aircraft flown by the 1 Canadian Air Group when based in Germany. This was a hack for the various desk bound pilots as well as for providing a host of other services. Unique to Europe, this one is painted in an overall olive color that was also used on its F-104s at the time. Though the photo that accompanies this scheme is not this exact plane, it is quite typical of the type. A note to modelers is that this CT-133 is armed so the lower gun positions need to be opened up on the kit and an appropriate gun barrel located.

The sheet itself is superbly printed by Cartograf and includes all the Canadian insignia. US insignia will have to come from the kit, though the sheet does include the dark blue cheat lines for the side of the fuselage. On both planes, the anti-glare panel will require painting.

A great pair of options for this large kit and you can be sure more will be in the offing in the near future.

June 2010

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