Superscale MS320254: Spitfire IX (USAAF)

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Scott Van Aken

Designed for the Tamiya kit, this latest Superscale release is for a pair of 4 FS/52 FG Spitfire IX's as flown in early 1943. Both aircraft are painted in Dark Earth/Middle Stone over Azure with red spinners. Apparently 52 FG Spitfires kept the British roundel on the underside of the left wing. Both also have the yellow ID band on the leading edge of the wings.

First is Leonard Helton's 'Doris June II' with a large 8 ball on the nose. This aircraft does not have the fin flash.

Next is 'Kay III' as flown by Victor Cabas. This aircraft sports four kill markings.

You'll notice that the side camouflage isn't the same on both planes so take the upper wings/tailplane scheme shown in the instructions with a bit of a grain of salt.

Cartograf is now Superscale's default printer and the sheet is superbly done. There are insignia for one aircraft and pretty much no data markings (which may have been overpainted when the planes were sprayed in the Mediterranean scheme.

June 2010

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