Superscale 320248: P-47D Thunderbolt

Units: 509 FS/405 FG


$12.00 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Another fine new sheet from Super Scale for the Hasegawa 1/32 P-47D Thunderbolt. This time, it is the rather colorful aircraft 'Balls Out' as flown by Capt. Milt Thompson during the last months of the war. By that time, the need to camouflage Allied aircraft was really moot as the Luftwaffe was not that much of a threat. Besides, most of it was either on the Eastern Front or used to intercept the heavy bomber streams. For that reason, the ground attack units, which was basically the job of the 405th, were relatively un-molested. Of course, flak was always a problem, but with its air cooled engine, the P-47 was perfect.

This aircraft has quite a bit of red on it with the prop hub, forward cowling, canopy frame, fin fillet, wing tips and front gun access panels in red. In addition, the tail ID stripes were also painted red. Of course, all this will need to be painted by the builder, but in this scale that is not a hardship. The sheet provides all the unique markings, insignia and a full data placement guide printed in full color in the instructions.

As with other new Superscale sheets, these markings are superbly printed by Cartograf in Italy and will make for a great presentation.  

September 2009

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